Make Any WordPress Site Mobile Friendly in 6 steps and less than 30 minutes, our Founder Jarrett Gucci will show you how to take any WordPress site and make a mobile version of it that will load on all smart phones. There are 2 main reasons why this walk through is useful. The 1st one is if you currently have a theme that is not mobile friendly which creates a bad viewing experience when on a smart phone. The other reason would be if you have a responsive site but want more control over how it looks on all mobile phones.

Here are the magic ingredients and steps below.

2 Required Plugins:
Theme Test Drive

Mobile Smart

Option Pluign:
Mobile Smart Pro ($13)

Step #1

Select a mobile theme to use when viewing site on smart phone. Install it. Make sure what ever theme you choose allows for you to put custom CSS code directly into thetheme options.

My favorite for non-Ecommerce is Responsive Theme by Cyber Chimps

My favorite for ecommerce using woocommerce is Mystile by WOO themes.


Install Theme Test Drive and Mobile Smart or Mobile Smart Pro plugins.


Enable Theme Test Drive theme you want to use for mobile viewing in order to adjust theme settings.

Step #4

Setup mobile menu and widgets for mobile theme. While you are in theme test drive mode and logged into your admin area, view the site and adjust CSS styling as desired.

Step #5

Visit Mobile Smart settings and adjust as desired. Select the them you want to use when site is viewed on a mobile phone.

Optional: (if using Mobile Smart Pro plugin) Visit any page or post and edit the mobile version of the content.


Disable Theme Test Drive and you are ready to roll.