Is Your WordPress Hacked at Godaddy?

My WordPress Hacked at Godaddy, now what do I do? Oh the joys of hosting. Godaddy, is one of the largest hosts when it comes to WordPress and is a target for hackers to infect the WordPress sites they host. In most cases, they inform their customers of this and then tell them to clean the site out. Now for most site owners this will be a shock and they will have no idea at all how to go about cleaning their site out in order to get it back in good standing and free from infections.

If you do not take action on cleaning your site out, you take the risk of getting blacklisted which means when visitors come to your site, they will be warned that it may be harmful. We have used Godaddy as an example here because this is the host we see this happen often but there are other hosts that will do the same.

The first thing you must do is STAY CALM! While a WordPress Infection can be a pretty scary thing to be notified about, they are also pretty routine to clean out. The worst thing you can do is panic.

We have cleaned out thousands of WordPress sites that have been infected from a variety of host and can get your site cleaned out right away as well for a very affordable cost. We know exactly what to look for and how to identify and remove all malicious code and infected files you have on your site. Also the best part is the security enhancements we complete once the site is clean. Do not hesitate and take action now to get your WordPress Infection cleaned up right away! If you have questions, click on the chat widget in the lower right hand corner to speak to us live. WE LOVE CLEANING UP DIRTY WORDPRESS SITES!

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