We are so excited to talk about a spin off service we are creating where you can submit custom WordPress Development requests.  We already have the market cornered with our Instant 24/7 WordPress Support but we often get requests that require custom development.  We have had to tell our customers that we only do troubleshoot and repair.  This of course sends them on their way to a vast sea of “WHAT TO DO NOW”.  So in an effort to provide a trusted source for custom WordPress development requests, we decided to build just that.  We are putting some of the final pieces in place for WP DEV IT.  A place where you can get Custom WordPress Development on Time & on Budget. 

Launch date is set for May 1st but we think it may happen much quicker because we are just too excited to get this out there and bring WordPress development dreams come true!

Some examples of such development requests are:

  1. Full website design and build
  2. Custom WordPress plugin build
  3. Custom WordPress theme build
  4. WordPress functionality enhancements

Visit WPdevIt.com and launch with us