WordPress has revolutionized the way that internet users, bloggers and businesses share content. No matter what your purpose for blogging, whether you’re informing people, selling products or generating leads, WordPress is definitely the platform for you.

But, at its core, it all comes down to the content that you’re producing. To get you started in creating the best content possible, here are sixteen essential tools to take the success levels of your content to the stratosphere.


1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Starting at the top, the headline is your bait when fishing for readers online. According to statistics, around 80% of readers will stop reading after reading the headline, a statistic that you need to change. Using this tool, you’ll be able to analysis your headlines to ensure they’re the most effective headlines possible!

2. Edit Flow

Managing your editorial workflow doesn’t have to be a confusing and painstaking task. If you’re planning and organizing your upcoming strategies, a calendar, such as this one, is essential as it will help you to stay organised and make sure everything is covered and properly planned for.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

You need to perfect your content’s SEO to make sure that you can get it in front of your readers. WordPress SEO is a leading plugin that makes this easy, allowing you to check off the SEO guidelines, so your content is optimized.

4.State of Writing

This is an online blog full of writing guides that you can follow, regardless of what kind of article or post that you’re writing, to make sure that you’re following the correct, tried and tested formats.


A free WordPress plugin that stands for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin but is by far one of the best. It works by suggesting other posts and articles for your readers to read once they’ve finished your content piece, helping to minimize your bounce rates.

6.Australian Help

When writing your content, you need to make sure that it makes sense.  With means going through your work several times to make sure the sentences and content flow nicely and reads well. This editing process can be made far more efficient using this tool.

7. Easy Word Count

A free online tool that allows you to actively monitor and track your word count in real-time by either typing directly into the tool or copy and paste your content. This means you can easily ensure that you reach the SEO threshold and provide valuable content to your readers.

8. Via Writing

Grammar is such an important aspect of writing content, and any poor grammar will stand out like a sore thumb. Use this online tool to refresh your grammar knowledge so you can use it correctly every time.


The leading plugin from the Search Engine Journal team, this plugin actively seeks out and notifies you about any broken links on your site and in your content, helping your content to give the best customer experience.

10. OptimMonster

The main goal of your content is to generate leads and to boost your conversion rates. OptimMonster makes this easy by giving you the ability to add beautiful light-boxes, floating bars and more, giving your users the best experience when reading your content.

11. Ox Essays

You want to ensure accuracy and correctness in your content. Otherwise, it will lose credibility. This means you’ll need to proofread your content to perfection, which can be done easily using this proofreading tool.

12. Cite It In

A free online tool that can help you add quotes, references and citations to your content in a professionally formatted manner, ideal for adding good-looking testimonials or reviews.

13. WP Rocket

The loading speeds of your WordPress site is such a huge part of your website’s success. By caching your website using this plugin, you can dramatically boost your website’s speed, decreasing your loading times and improving your user experience.

14. Academized

Plagiarism is such a huge part of your content’s SEO, and any infringement will harm your website’s ranking and online presence. You can use this tool to scan your content to ensure that it’s 100% original.

15. Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool

When creating your content, it’s important to consider what keywords you’re using to boost your content’s online visibility. You can easily find the keywords you want to use using Google’s very own keyword research tool.


And there you go! A comprehensive list of some of the best plugins and tools to better and improve your new and existing content. You can start using these tools straight away, and you’ll instantly see a beneficial effect!