Forget about the pressure of managing blogs and focus more on improving your business or creating killer content

Imagine having a blog that was a joy to work with without being an administrative nightmare. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about security, maintenance and back-ups? How much easier would it be if you could spend more time thinking about content generation, or a product idea, or your next great launch without fretting about the essential but un-sexy things you need to do to keep all those months (or years) of your blog content safe? In fact, how much more productive and powerful could you be…

  • WP-FixerWithout having to worry about your blog anymore
  • Without having to think if you have done the backup or not
  • Without spending a fortune for someone to maintain your blogs
  • Without touching your WordPress admin panel

WordPress is a complex system and can become tricky sometimes. Not to mention that you will always need to have an eye on the plugins and WordPress versions to keep them up-to-date. On top of this you will need to create regular backups of your blog, so you can be sure that if anything bad happens, you have a backup that can save your business. Plus, if we add SEO, Analytics, Social Media and content creation, you will soon start regretting that you’ve got yourself a blog. However, if technology is getting in between you and your success, I am here to help, because you are exactly the type of person I had in mind when creating these packages. In fact, the people we’ve been working with are already enjoying the benefits of our packages by getting:

  • Plugin upgrades
  • Automatic blog backups stored on several locations for extra security
  • Email support with good response times

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Billing Info

This service will be billed monthly and cancelled at any time.  The payment will be billed every 30 days and will be sent electronically to your email.  As soon as we confirm your purchase, your website will be added to our update schedule. We appreciate your business and look forward to a long relationship in the success of making you shine online. ~Support Team @ WP Fix It