WordPress White Label Support Area

White Label Support Ticket Area

This is the most unique piece of this entire service. You will have your own company branded support ticket area that is EXTREMELY EASY to use for your clients. No more receiving and storing support requests via email. This cutting edge support ticket area will make your company look more professional and give your clients piece of mind knowing that when WordPress issues come up, they will be easy to communicate and met with a high sense of urgency from our team of agents.

WordPress White Label Support Plugin

White Label Admin Support Plugin

This plugin will make getting WP support easier and faster. It will allow your clients to submit a request from their site. If your clients are working on their site and notice a problem that they can not figure out, they simply submit a support ticket right from within their administrative area. The issue is automatically entered into your branded support ticket system. Your clients will also receive a special login to your ticket system as another portal to submit support requests in an event their site is down.

3 Different Ways to Submit WordPress Support Requests

WordPress Support Tickets via Branded Portal

Branded Support Portal

We will create a branded sub domain you or your clients can visit where they can login to your branded support area and create new tickets or check on existing tickets.

WordPress Support Tickets via Admin Area

WordPress Admin Area

We will give you a branded plugin that can be used on either your company site or the sites you wish us to support. This will enable ticket submission from the WordPress admin area.

WordPress Support Tickets via Email

Custom Email Address

We can setup a special email address in which you can give your clients to use and any email to that address will create a ticket in your branded ticket area automatically.