Here are a Few People That Received Some HAPPY FIXES

WordPress is a foundational marketing tool and WP Fix It allows you to sleep at night knowing that one of your greatest marketing assets – your web site – won’t break down, will run fast, and will stay safe and sound. Put WP Fix It in your toolbox.

John Jantsch – Founder & CEO, DuctTape Marketing

WordPress Support

WordPress Support
This is a fabulous new service! I used it for the first time yesterday & it was incredible! Every single step of the way was seamless & my WordPress problem was fixed within hours. Definitely check it out for reliable & trustworthy WordPress solutions.

Thank you SO much WP Fix It!!

Lauren Huston

I self-switched from a WordPress hosted blog to self hosted and I ran into a lot of issues. And then I found this site. I am finally on track to get my website back to “normal.” I’m very glad I found WordPress Fix It because Googl-ing solutions to WordPress problems was very time consuming and I could never understand or implement the solutions. WP Fix It fixed my problem in less than an hour and I am VERY satisfied with the results. This is by far the best $39 I’ve ever spent.

I will use this service every time I have issues! Thanks again for creating WP Fix It!

Crystal Hammond

WordPress Support

WordPress Support
AMAZING! Created my own WordPress page…a bit of a risk since I don’t know what I’m doing. After a couple of months of running smoothly, a problem arose with my home page that was major. It was a conflict that I couldn’t resolve. I searched the Internet for the solution and came up with WP Fix It. They were so easy to communicate with and within an hour, my site was fixed!

I have already given their name out because I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Debby Krim

Blown away by the level of quality service you are providing here!! If someone wants to gamble with using…say a service like Fiverr because they’re cheap, then be my guest. However if you actually care about security and who you trust with your site login info, want a true tech that really knows what they’re doing, and don’t want to wait for a week to get a response back, then you won’t find a better service around then right here. My issue was fixed in well under 2 hours. I could have personally spent several hours of my own time trying to address my issue, resulting in taking my time away from money producing activities, but thanks to WordPress Fix It’s service here, I was able to spent a VERY low amount and get my issue fixed without having to worry about it! I will be coming back anytime I need to use this and WILL BE recommending to everyone I’m in contact with. Love it!!!!!

Shane Williams

WordPress Support

WordPress Support
From my experience it can take me anything from 30 minutes to days to figure out what should be pretty simple WordPress errors/bugs. Being self employed, time is money. Today, after spending 30 minutes Googling around and fiddling with configs I decided that my time would be better spent on other tasks and I would let the chaps at WP Fix It have a bash. Another 30 odd minutes later my issue is resolved. What could have cost me hours of troubleshooting (and thus, money) was fixed quickly and easily for a very affordable and fairly priced $39. I actually saved money by taking less of my own time for an issue to be resolved. I’ve had a number of awful support experiences with other companies before so it was nice to see that the WP Fix It support was top notch. Few things frustrate me more than waiting for a company to reply to my queries but with WP Fix It however, I was kept in the loop via email the whole time. I love it when I find a service that is this quick, easy and affordable; it’s a rare thing! I’d highly recommend WP Fix It and will surely be using the service again.

Dave Mason

After royally rocking the boat on my back-end code (I’m an amateur at the very best) I was left with the dreaded white screen of death on my WordPress site. I quickly realized I was in deep water with no life vest and Googled for rescue. Within 30 minutes the staff over at were on the case. Another hour later my site was fixed and all was right with the world. I can’t overstate the sense of relief I felt and for a price tag of $39 I felt like I got the deal of the century. Thank you, thank you! I’m sure I’ll be using these guys in the future on those days I feel overly confident.

Erin Klein

WordPress Support

WordPress Support
I was visiting my website at my friends house when we noticed my homepage was blank and all my blog posts were gone. I was referred to WP Fix It and they took care of the problem before the day was over.

Quick, Efficient, and Dependable. I definitely recommend them.

Avian Fame Morales

I own Progress Production Services, a professional video production company. When I created my company in 2007 I used an HTML based website like many others. With the advances in the WordPress platform for , I eventually decided to switch over to WordPress as my website platform of choice. The transformation from HTML to WordPress has not been easy as the 2 systems operate very differently. But, whenever I have been unable to solve my WordPress challenges, WP Fix It has always been a source I can can count on to solve my problems in a competent, professional and cost effective manner. I highly recommend WP Fix It.

Jonathan Jenkins

WordPress Support