Each week we like to get together with other WordPress people and chat about different topics that help the community. Take a look below at our newest episode and hopefully you will join us for the next one.

In this week’s episode, we show you how to move a WordPress website the right way. There are tons of plugins out there that will duplicate or migrate your site to a new location. We have found in our experience of moving thousands of sites that many of these plugins do not always work properly. So we went our Founder Jarrett Gucci went on the hint for the full proof solution to move a WordPress Website the right way.


There is a Step by Step walk through with screen shots @ THIS LINK.

Premium Updraft Plus Migration Add on @ THIS LINK.

Database SQL Search & Replace Code: Walk through with screen shots @ THIS LINK.

UPDATE TABLE wp_options SET option_value = REPLACE (  post_content,  'OLD URL',  'NEW URL');