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What does 24/7 Support Mean?

This is exactly what it says. We have agents available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take on WordPress support issues and them resolved fast.

Over the years we have mastered full time around the clock WordPress support so that no matter when or where someone needs an issue fixed on their WordPress site, we have an agent ready to jump into action and get it fixed fast.

How We Achieve 24/7 Support?

There are other WordPress support companies out there that claim to offer 24/7 support but what it really means is that you will get a response 24/7 but not the actual needed support. WP Fix It on the other hand is one of kind when it comes to 24/7 instant support and this is how we do it.

We have strategically hired and staffed our agents to cover all 24 hours on any given day. Even holidays! This means that regardless of what time zone our customers are in and they need FAST WordPress support they can receive it because we always have an agent ready to take on any WordPress issue.

What Is Resolve Time?

This is something that makes us so different and what we love to measure and improve on every day as a team. The resolve time is defined here at WP Fix It as the time it takes to completely fix the reported issue. We are adamant about making this time period as short as possible.

We work with a very high sense of urgency to get issues resolved quickly. Our average resolve time here at WP Fix It is 30 minutes. This makes us the fastest WordPress support company in the world.

How Do We Communicate?

We have a cutting edge support ticket system that all your details are entered into and allows you to communicate with your agent instantly any time you want. You can also reply directly to any support ticket update emails and your reply will be entered in our ticket system automatically.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and enhance our ticket system to make getting support easier.

How Long In Business?

Our owner Jarrett Gucci started this business in December of 2009 when his wife was asleep on the couch one Sunday afternoon. He had an idea of offering WordPress users that were having troubles a place to turn to where they could pay a flat fee and get instant support until their issue was resolved.

10+ years later we have serviced over 232,000 tickets for WordPress users all over the world.

What If We Can Not Fix It?

The last thing we would ever want to do is to make this complicated. Here is our guarantee below.

  • We will never require an additional cost for any of our WordPress services
  • Your ticket will be assigned to an Agent and responded to immediately
  • Our Agents will work diligently on your issue until the issue is resolved
  • If an issue is not resolved, we will refund your payment right away
  • We value you not the payment and pride ourselves in fixing your issue

How Many Agents Do We Have?

In order for us to maintain around the clock instant support to customers all over the world, we must staff at a minimum 8 agents at all times to service customer requests. This number ensures that we can keep or even do better than our average 30 minutes or less resolve time.

We also have a team of agent supervisors to audit productivity and professionalism.

What Type Of Issues Do We Fix?

Our General Support service which is our most popular will service any single request that involves WordPress. A single request is the specific repair task you need completed when you submit your support details.


  1. White Screen Issues, where you are seeing just seeing a white screen.
  2. Plugin Issues, where you are seeing seeing a plugin error somewhere?
  3. Theme Issues, where you are seeing seeing a theme error somewhere?
  4. Updating Issues, where you are seeing an issue after completing updates?

It would be very timely to list everything that we can fix but please understand that after 10+ years and over 232,000 tickets serviced, our agents have seen it all and love a good support challenge.

We also have a wide variety of other specialized WordPress support services that can handle any WordPress work you may need.

Our infection cleanup service is widely used by our customers that are dealing with an infected website. We also have a very robust speed optimization service that can take a slow WordPress site and make it blazing fast.

What Information Do We Need?

At the very least, we will need an administrative login to your WordPress site. Remember a mechanic can not fix your car without the keys. We need a login so we can take closer look under the hood and get your issue resolved quickly.

In some cases but not all, your assigned agent may need other information including hosting company login details to properly resolve your issue. All of this information is kept safe in our encrypted ticket portal.

Where Is WP Fix It Located?

Since we opened our doors in 2009 we have always been located in Southern California. In August of 2019 we moved into the Elite Vantis office building in Aliso Viejo California.

We occupy a large portion of the 3rd floor and have designed a work area for our agents to be productive and enjoy their surroundings.