Do You Have a Hacked WordPress Website?

Having a hacked WordPress site is no fun at all. WordPress is an amazing platform but can get hacked if the right security measures are not in place. If your WordPress site is hacked do not panic. We have a special service that will clean up any Hacked WordPress site and take it from dirty and dangerous to clean and secure.

Each week, we clean out on average 50-100 WordPress sites that have been hacked. We have seen all kinds of WordPress Malware and WordPress Infections. While these infections seem scary and hard to clean out of your site, we have Infection Specialists here that can do it properly and do it FAST.

Yes there are many companies out there that can clean up a WordPress infections or malware issue but what makes us different is that we will do this same day. We will also not only clean out any and all traces of the infection but will give you 90 days of unlimited infection support. This means if your WordPress Infection comes back, we will clean it up again for no additional cost. Our commitment is to make sure your site is clean and also protected from future attacks.

If you are dealing with a Hacked WordPress site, let us get it clean and secure right away. We can start and soon as you request it and will not stop until your site is 100% clean. We will also provide proof that the Hacked WordPress files have been removed from your site. We have the experience and swiftness to get your site clean from infections and malware. It is always our number one priority to make our customers happy.

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