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Top 5 Plugins That Should Be Used on Every WordPress Website

December 29, 2011 | written by WP Fix It Support

There are 1000s of WordPress Plugins available to make your site do magic. Some work really well and other cause HUGE conflicts or even worse (to me) slow page loading. I have decided to put together a very basic list of my Top 5 WordPress Plugins that I feel should be installed on every site. These Plugins also cover some –> READ ON

Top 8 Plugins to Gaurantee Alexa Page Rank Increase

| written by WP Fix It Support

Achieving a good Alexa Rank (alongside with a good Google Pagerank) is a goal every webmaster should set from the start. Except from having a great strategy for your blog content, you need to write interesting readable articles – or people will skip to the next blog with similar content. But… You also need a couple of good plug-ins in –> READ ON