Each week we like to get together with other WordPress people and chat about different topics that help the community. Take a look below at our newest episode and hopefully you will join us for the next one.

In this week’s episode, we will chat about WordPress Blogging for Your Business. Let’s discuss how to create a good strategy when writing on your WordPress site. What solution to use and what types of plugins can support a product or service selling site.

Our Featured Guest – Jennifer St. James

Jennifer St James

Before starting Either/Or Media, Jennifer worked in the publishing world for 12 years, as a publisher, an editor, a copywriter and a graphic designer, and has worked for clients as diverse as the Bank of Scotland, the Home Office of the UK, Related Developers, the Financial Times, Rolex and DHL. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from U.C. Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies, and a Masters of Arts in Literature, Culture and Modernity from the University of London, Queen Mary & Westfield.

WordPress Blogging for Your Business