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January 2, 2017

Bluehost Deactivated my WordPress Site

Bluehost Deactivated my WordPress Site, now what do I do? Oh the joys of hosting. Bluehost, while one of the largest hosts when it comes to WordPress,...

By WP Fix It Support
December 26, 2016

WordPress Hacked but WHY?

My WordPress Hacked but WHY? If you are on your way to reading this article, you either have had WordPress hacked before or want to make sure you avoi...

By WP Fix It Support
October 21, 2016

10 Multipurpose WordPress Themes For Your Next Project!

Multipurpose themes are extremely prevalent among WordPress users. Most of these themes come with a plenty of useful features and the possibility to d...

By Sophia Phillips
October 4, 2016

Understanding WordPress Security the EASY Way

Understanding WordPress Security can be a daunting task.  A great analogy I like to use often when talking about WordPress Security is you can think ...

By Jarrett Gucci
September 27, 2016

12 AMAZING WordPress Infection Resources to Keep Your Site Clean and Secure

WordPress is very powerful platform that can surely help to bring all your web dreams to life but it can be subject to hackers. Here is our list below...

By WP Fix It Support
September 20, 2016

Best Set of WordPress Tools Everyone Needs to Give Support

WordPress is a POWERHOUSE platform that can make all of your web dreams come true but it does need support from time to time. Having the right set of ...

By Jarrett Gucci
August 16, 2016

Is Your WooCommerce Setup Working?

Is Your WooCommerce Setup Working Properly? Ever wonder if you have set everything up correctly and are certain that customers can shop and checkout o...

By WP Fix It Support
August 2, 2016

Got WooCommerce? Better be using this FREE plugin!

We use WooCommerce here to drive our online store and a big part of our sales success is studying reports and adjusting the business and marketing as ...

By WP Fix It Support
July 31, 2016

How can you know your WordPress site is Infected

Having WordPress Infected can be a scary thing for a website owner.  Some infections are extremely harmful and can do things to your site that can r...

By WP Fix It Support
July 26, 2016

Streamline WordPress Admin Menu

Are you one of those WordPress users that really like to have a clean and straight forward admin area? Are there things in your admin menu that you do...

By WP Fix It Support
July 13, 2016

Instant WordPress Firewall Setup

Security is key in the online world. There are many malicious attacks that can take place on a website and there are also simple things you can do to ...

By WP Fix It Support
July 12, 2016

Best Way to Avoid Spam on WordPress in Seconds

If you are familiar with WordPress, you will know that spam can a pain in the rear.  There are tons of WordPress Plugins that can help keep your site...

By WP Fix It Support
July 11, 2016

The Easiest Way to Update WordPress Premium Themes and Plugins

Updates are surely a massive part of WordPress and if you want to maintain functionality and keep things running smoothly, you must complete your upda...

By WP Fix It Support
July 7, 2016

Create Super Strong Passwords

We really hope you do not have a password somewhere that is the word PASSWORD…lol  Strong passwords are such a big part of internet account sec...

By WP Fix It Support
July 6, 2016

Easy Duplication of Page or Post

Ever want to duplicate a post your page on your site but had to do it by copying and pasting?  Not anymore after you read this below.  In less than ...

By WP Fix It Support
July 5, 2016

Move WordPress Login Page to Avoid Infection

Your WordPress login page can be a very simple entrance point for most skilled hackers.  By default the login URL to a default install of WordPress i...

By WP Fix It Support
June 22, 2016

Organize Admin Area Notices

Are you tired of all those notifications at the top of your admin area when you log into your site?  There is a better way to organize these and not ...

By WP Fix It Support
June 20, 2016

FREE Website Up-time Monitor

When you are up you are up and when you are down you are down right?  Well this is true for your website too.  It is important for sure that your we...

By WP Fix It Support
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